Why choose us?

If you are looking for a template website then we aren’t for you. We don’t do £10 a year template websites from Wix or GoDaddy.

We endeavour and proud ourselves on making a website that suits you exactly. Template websites that you see adverts on TV for just can’t do this.

We cut our teeth on WordPress websites with varying levels of complexity, but we are of course not afraid to build you a more traditional HTML5 based website.

  • Simple websites are £150
  • Complex websites are £270
  • Hosting is charged yearly at £30 a year
  • Domains are charged yearly at £10 a year for a or a .com.
  • Other domains are available, at varying cost. Please enquire.

You are welcome to use your pre-existing domain with us but this will require you to set up for our nameservers.

  • Unlimited email address forwarding, with 5 complementary email inboxes.

We charge more than average for websites, but we hope that our customer support, down-to-earth approach to solving our customers’ problems and other customer reviews will be able to convince you that we may be a solution to your problems.

Not to mention the 24 hour 364 day a week support, from someone who actually knows how computers work. For both your website and your personal IT equipment. Fee may apply.

Full compatability and fluidity over nearly all web platforms in current use.

The small print, the bit everyone hates.

If you approach us (Slick Productions) with a need for a website we will purchase a domain on your behalf. This affords you certain privileges such as not having your contact information on the register, etc. This is a service not protected by law or contract and we reserve the right to pass this information on to relevant parties. We will endeavour, however, to contact you first and make sure this is ok, but in certain situations this may not be possible such as contact from law enforcement and other such bodies. Once a domain has been purchased by us (Slick Productions) we will hold it in our name and technically own the rights to it to facliitate a smoothly-running website. However we will turn over this domain and any attached services should you ever require it once it has been paid for by the customer.

Hosting is set at £30 a year for all websites except complicated website solutions. Hosting is charged in incomplete years and in advance. We in turn purchase storage space from our hosting company and any issues with content or media we host for you that the hosting company will be communicated to you.

Email inboxs are subject to storage limits, as well as the general terms and conditions of acceptable storage. Spam use, or any kind of untasteful or offensive use will result in termination of said email inbox as well as the possiblitly of either immediate termination of contract by us (Slick Productions) or refusual to renew your services when they come up for renewal.