The Swarm

Bio –  The Swarm is the next iteration of Ian Watt’s clusterbot evolution. This version was built for entry into season 3/10 (2017) of Robot Wars. Duck is a surprisingly powerful flipper, Pinza is a leftover spare from Battlebots, Skye is a attempt at a anti-spinner and Blenda is undoubtedly the most dangerous part of the cluster with a block of Hardox for a spinner.

What makes The Swarm Unique? – Clusterbot tactics are yet to really prove themselves. Less parts, more varied weaponry and a ample supply of spairs should lead to more destructive potential, if not entertainment.

Weight – Duck 24.5kg // Pinza 23.5kg // Skye 27kg // Blenda 29kg

Power/Drivechain – Lithium Polymer (5S),  BotBits 85A V2 Brushed ESCs with Ranglebox Motors & Gearboxes.

Build Date – April 2015

Film Date – May 2017

Air Date – 22 October 2017

Where is the robot now? – Blenda is in parts having been studied to build new versions for KOB. The others are in Ian Watts’ garage.