Or Te!

Bio –  Orte was built by Ian Watts for entry into Robot Wars season 1/8 (2016). Orte was initially kept as a reserve but ended up in the main competition.

What made Orte Unique? – Apart from being the spiritual successor to Bigger Brother, Orte is equipped with the same massive ram that powered bulldog’s flipper, a 100mm wide plunger, a 150mm horizontal length and walls on average 30mm thick.

Weight – 98kg without CO2, 100kg with CO2.

Power/Drivechain – Lithium Polymer (10S) (nominal 24V), Watty ESC and 2x Bosch GPA-24-750 motors.

Build Date – Feb 2016

Film Date – 4 March 2016

Air Date – 7 August 2016

Where is the robot now? – In Ian Watts’ living room.