Or Te! – Robot Wars 2016

Or Te! – Robot Wars 2016
I’ve not gotten around to doing Or Te a proper website yet so this will have to do for the time being. I have to keep this short as the episode has not aired yet and the contract everyone signed with Mentorn is very specific. I (and Ian) can talk more about this when the relevant episode airs on TV in a couple months.

Or Te! The build.

Or Te! is build primarily around a monster CO2 10cm bore plunger. Machined out of a solid billet of Aluminium with walls 30mm thick and a extension of roughly 150mm when fully fired. It was decided to fit the top with a sacrificial cap after the prototype was nearly ruined after only a few test firings. A twin identical ram had been put to limited devastating use on ABC’s Battlebots in Ian’s Bulldog. Sadly Bulldog never made it into the televised fights but Team Creepy Crawlies’s Cluster bot, did. For about 20 seconds.
When fully pressurised the CO2 ram runs on approximately 50 Bar or 720 PSI and is able to self-right at the lightest flick of the ram.
Or Te! has four Lithium Polymer batteries, two connected in series and paralleled too. The weight saved on batteries allowed for a very thick 5mm Hardox outer shell to be designed and built for maximum protection against abuse during fights.
Drive comes from two GPA 750 brushed motors, driven by Ian’s own Wotty speed controllers. The GPA 750 is becoming harder and harder to find in modern times, and is a favourite amongst robotieers. Both Big Brother and Bigger Brother used them, as well as Team Storm and Beta. It is a common favourite.
Or Te! Weighs 97 Kg without CO2 and 99 Kg when fully pressurised.

The build process is almost fully documented, so stay tuned for more details!

The Name
Or Te! can be roughly translated to “Oi, you!”

Or Te! is Ian Watt’s entry into the newly rebooted series of Robot Wars. We filmed up in Glasgow, Ian drove Jenny and James up in his truck while i caught a flight up with Sam in time for filming over the weekend.
And as for me, who am I? I am one of Ian’s students at Brighton University. I worked on Bigger Brother, Or Te and The Creepy Crawlies and made it onto ABC. I was lucky enough to meet John Frizell, who is a friend of Ian and John asked me to help him out on Terror Turtle.

Enjoy the show. More details as we can release them. Read more about Or Te on the Robot Wars Website.