It’s been a while since I bothered writing up on anything, I’ve been busy recently with the whole education thing and university.

So Robot Wars 2017 applications have come and gone and it seems that this year Mentorn have favoured more amateur teams than for the 2016 Series.

Lots of known, popular, “tried and tested” teams haven’t been successful for their application for the new series it would seem.

I know that Ian Watts was unsuccessful with Or Te, and that, that’s a great shame. Other popular teams who have not been sucessfull litter the Reddit Info Thread, it’s looking more like a graveyard of unsucess rather than info.

I think Mentorn is trying to get more amateur teams to compete.  Think back to that leaked email to the university students, giving them advanced notice to start building something, ahead of the others. And, also that email pointed out that they’re hoping for a further series to be filmed in March 2017. Lots of building time. I’ve considered applying for that series but between the hideous contact I signed with ABC and university work, I’m really not feeling it. Besides even my expensive Lawyer says i’m screwed if i broke that contract, and i really would like to return to the states, dispite it being under “new leadership”.

Saying this, I headed a team which applied for Robot Wars 2017 only to be told that “we liked the design, but not this time”. I won’t go into details about the robot[s] themselves, I’ll let the internet do that. Let’s just say it would have required lots of spray paint. And a new battery.

I have heard rumors that there is another team working out of Brighton University that have been told that they will be on the new series, but that’s all I know about that. I’ve only heard whispers as to what’s being CNCed behind closed doors in the Heavy Engineering Block behind the university building. The place is like a maze, you need a torch to navigate it cause the light bulbs blew years ago and no one changed them. Me being a humble electrical engineer in training, i’ve never needed to venture into Heavy Engineering.

But none the less, it’s been a exciting few weeks. I have a module in a couple weeks where we are required to build a robot, “robot wars style” and fight it against other teams from the module. The module itself is about project and team building but really it’s just an excuse to have fun and build robots. I am really looking forward to this, I mean I might just turn up with one of the Creepy Crawlies and just start tearing apart the lovingly build Laser-Cut MDF that people build robots from. Like seriously, did Overdozer teach you nothing? MDF is NOT a good building material. Full Stop.  But more realistically, I just need to figure a way to mobilize a circular saw, and then the MDF won’t stand a chance. And it’ll look freeking cool. How hard can it be?

Speaking of the Creepy Crawlies, that dream [& Team] is very much disbanded now, we’ve all gone our separate ways and I seldom talk to anyone from that group, even Kelly Smith. She’s still knocking around the university somewhere with a unlikeable sunny disposition.

Until Next time I get bored

Slick Productions, November 2016