Why I moved from giffgaff.

So, today I moved from giffgaff. It’s been a fun 4 years or so, but I’m moving on.

Giffgaff is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it piggybacks on an existing network. In giffgaff’s case, it uses the network infrastructure built by its parent company, O2.

First reason for moving away from giffgaff is that  I have a dual sim card phone and had a O2 simcard also in my phone, and for the majority of my time I had signal on the O2 card not on the giffgaff card.

Its deals for voice text and data are no longer value for money. They were when I first joined, unlimited data for £12 a month was unbelievable. But for some reason, against the majority of their userbase, management opted to replace this for a measly 2GB.  I can understand if this was from pressure from O2, as I have heard of people downloading hundreds of gigabytes of data, just because they could.

I’ve moved to a provider that, for me, can provide 15GB a month of data for £15. Which Is far more value for money than giffgaff. It had been aggravating me that I just kept running out of mobile data. It’s a inconvenience but I’m not paying more for something that I can get elsewhere.

The only blessing is I can keep my current mobile number. Giffgaff’s online PAC code request system is fairy straight forward and I appreciate that.

Not to mention the loans. How the hell can you manage loans? You’re a mobile operator.

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