So we all know about TLDs, or Top Level Domains. .com, .net,, org are all familiar to nearly everyone. And this is great and all  because you can presume that Microsoft, Apple and Google’s domains are going to be.coms, and they are. Hideously large amounts of money are spent trying to acquire these domain names with great reason, because it’s easy to stick a .com on the end of a brand, and access their website.

And now we have a new offerings from the domain Gods.

This website, sits at one, a .productions TLD. There are so many to choose from, mostly tailored for your exact needs. As of January 2016, the root domain contains 1205 top-level domains, Thanks Wikipedia.

Are just a few of the many that exist.

And here comes the problem. People like .com, .net, because they are familiar. It’s what they associate the internet with. I’ve had clients that have asked me to get a domain, and when i’ve asked them about using a .uk domain as well as a they ask what’s the difference, why is it important, etc.

“The great thing about domains is you can buy so many of them”

The Team Creepy Crawlies Website would have really suited a .team domain, something like maybe, but market reasearch suggested that when this address was presented to people (upto 50%) they tended to put a .com on the end automatically and so they would not be able to get to the website. I ended up going with and

Yes, many people use Google to find the most trivially spelt websites addresses but, even i am guilty of typing facebook into google to get to