So it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to make it over to LA for the filming of BattleBots 2016. An absolute pleasure.

I’ve seen some of the most destructive robots ever, and they’re only going to get more so, and in the process more entertaining as well. It will make great TV.

Due to the nature of the inch-thick contract and NDA I signed I can’t talk about much regarding the show at all. But i can tell you it will be awesome to watch. I enjoyed every moment of my time here and i would love to be back next year within a team to compete. I will post some photos and some more specifications on exactly what Project Swarm entailed a little later once the season has aired on American TV.

I’ve made some amazing friends while I’ve been here and had a white knuckle roller-coaster ride, and I can’t wait to come back and do it all over again.